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TechAnkara Project Market'23

Our team at TARK 2022

Our Minister of T.R. Industry and Technology Mr. Mustafa Varank visited our stand. In addition, we shared our experiences with fund finder CEO Hakan Yıldız, EVbee's Ahmet Ozan Çelik and Coprint's Fatih Kazım Duymaz at the 'Experience Sharing of Entrepreneurs with Crowdfunding Mechanism and Investment Tour Experience' panel moderated by Erdem Koçoğlu.

Techankara standımız

The visit of our Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank to our stand.

Mustafa Varank standımızı ziyaret ederken

As Scop-er, we took our place as one of the 100 selected initiatives in the TechAnkara Project Market, organized under the coordination of Ankara Development Agency.

Fonbulucu CEO'su standımızı ziyaret ederken

While Fonbulucu CEO Hakan Yıldız examining Scoper.

Kurucumuz ve Girişimciler deneyimlerini panelde anlatırken

At the experience sharing panel of entrepreneurs, our founder Dr. Orhan Çınar sharing his experiences.

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