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Scoper Blade

Titanium Blade

Titanium is a durable, lightweight and biocompatible material. In this way, it is possible to perform the intubation procedure for many years without any additional cost repeatedly by paying attention to

the standard cleaning procedures with the same blade. Also, this makes device an elegant slim

and original design that makes easy to use.


Scoper Blade Camera

High Resolution Camera & Anti Fog System


Scoper has a 1280x720 p high resolution
micro camera, 6 LED lights and an anti-fog system especially designed for endoscopic systems.

Scoper Connector Head



Connectors have an original standard push-pull locking system and a special safety mechanism up to 10,000 mating cycles with IP68 sealing performance.

Scoper Blade Tip Design

Tube Passing Area


Due to the tube passage area at
the bottom of the blade, it facilitates the orientation of the tube during intubation.

Slim and Elegant Blade Tip Design


Due to its thin structure, it provides convenience in difficult intubation cases with limited mouth opening and cervical extension.

Scoper Handle


Due to its stylish and ergonomic design, it increases maneuverability during intubation.Unique smooth surface of the blade makes it easier to use and clean.

Scoper Blade Head
Connector Head
Tube Passing Area
Scoper Tube Passing Area

Blade Features in Detail

Blade Types

Adult Blade

MAC - 4 Blade

Adult Blade

MAC - 3 Blade

Pediatric Blade

MAC - 2 Blade

Infant Blade

MIL - 1 Blade

Premature Infant Blade

MIL - 0 Blade

Adult Difficult Airway

Advance Adult Blade

Pediatric Difficult Airway

Advance Pediatric Blade