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Scoper is Main sponsor of Innovem Zone

We became the main sponsor of InnovEM Zone, a simulation event that attracted great attention at the 8. Eurasian Emergency Medicine, 18. Emergency Medicine in Turkey (EACEM) and 17th WINFOCUS World Congresses .

During the event, where Aselsan, GE Healthcare, Philips Respitek, Medsu, Yiğit Sağlık and AMD took part as silver sponsors, a total of 10 simulation activities were followed by more than 500 participants.

Our Founder Prof. Dr. Orhan Çınar, together with other congress participants.

Innovem Zone sponsorları
Innovem Zone simülasyonundan görüntüler

A frame from the Innovem Zone Interview.

Innovem Zone simülasyonundan görüntüler

Innovem Zone Scoper Intubation process.

Innovem Zone Scoper simulation

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