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Arab Health 2024

Arab Health 2024

As the Scoper team, we are proud to have taken our place at Arabhealth 2024, which is considered the largest medical event in the Middle East, held in Dubai.

It is a pleasure that we have conducted interviews with more than 60 distributor candidates from 23 countries. We are happy to complete another fruitful event for Scoper's globalization adventure with success. Arab Health was a chance for introducing our Augmented Reality and Mobile-Compatible Video Laryngoscope Device to valuable companies and authorities, seizing the opportunity to establish impactful collaborations. It was an honor for us to see you experience world's AR compatible video laryngoscopy device.

Our stand from the exhibit.

Our CEO Orhan Çınar experiencing intubation with AR Glasses.

Our CTO Ayhan Ozan Yılmaz experiencing AR technology with Scoper.

Scoper team and our devices.

While our stand visitors experience the intubation process that works with Scoper AR compatibility.

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